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Bucket List Wedding Photography in Niagara Falls

When Derek contacted me late last year about himself and Celia coming to Niagara Falls in March to get some wedding pictures done in Niagara, my first message back to him was to remind him we were just getting out of winter at that time and we could expect any kind of weather. He then explained he was on a “bucket” list kind of trip – From Hong Kong to San Fransisco to Yellowknife, to have shots in their wedding attire with the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) in the background.  (btw – he showed me some of his camera phone shots and it was sick how cool these were). Then on to Niagara Falls for our day out together.They were then going to New York City, to Las Vegas on onto the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. Whoa!

Derek mentioned that while in Yellowknife, they braved -20 temperatures to take those pictures; so when we met at the salon, they reminded me of that whenever we spoke about the weather; oh well, not a perfect day in Niagara Falls on Good Friday; time to make some lemonade.

I decided to break the post up into our getting ready pictures, or what I’l call the heated indoor shots; when everything was nice, before outdoors… These are my favorites from getting ready at the salon and also at the hotel getting dressed and heading out. So part one of two (which will be of our travels around Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake that day in March, at the beginning of the “Bucket List Wedding Photography in Niagara Falls”

Niagara Falls wedding getting ready salonHair and Make-up Niagara Falls wedding photography Anthony SobieNiagara Falls wedding photography Anthony Sobie make-upgetting ready at Marriott Hotel Niagara Fallsgroom getting ready Marriott Fallsviewgetting ready at Marriott Hotel Niagara Falls wedding photography

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WPPI 2016 Las Vegas

I have just returned from a hectic week of attending the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographer International Conference) in Las Vegas, NV and after some recuperation, I’m putting together my notes from WPPI 2016 Las Vegas and am starting to realize – I had a great time. That may seem funny, but in the hustle of the week, its tough to catch your breath, let alone pause for thought when everything is going from morning until night. Along with 15,000 other photographers all converging into the MGM for a jam packed schedule of instruction, parties and a huge trade show, we came, met new friends, learned a ton of information and came home totally spent.

I was fortunate to meet some great instructors and attended a full day class with Parker Pfister, someone I’ve been following for many years; an amazing class, his talk was both moving and inspirational; going on our photo walk was also enriching, watching him and listening, the exercises we did together all contributed to a stimulating experience.

I also met Peter Hurley who had the crowd eating out of his hand with every move, his energy and humor were well placed and his program was excellent. (Funny story, he almost took my eye out with a prize disc for Animoto, he flung into the crowd like a Frisbee and it took off, racing for my face, lucky for me I have the reflexes of a cat and caught it… no damage done).

Roberto Valenzuela was another crowd (and my) favorite, packing in about 1500 for his program. His talk was excellent, and he made himself more humble by starting the program with some of his first pictures shot as a photographer, made us all feel a little more human at that point. And his new book is excellent, I highly recommend it to anyone searching for light. Others like Kenny Kim, Mary and Justin Marantz, Sue Bryce were also excellent and well worth the trip to hear them all bring their words of wisdom upon us. I have plenty of motivation and education to start my 2016 season off with, so I leave you now with some pics from Parker’s photo walk. Until we meet again. AS


Las Vegas WPPI 2016

Parker Pfister 2016 WPPIWPPI Las Vegas 2016 Parker PfisterLas Vegas WPPI 2016MGM WPPI Las Vegas 2016Parker Pfister WPPI 2016 model shootParker Pfister WPPI 2016 model shoot photo walkDiamonds and Caviar productionsAnthony Sobie Diamonds and Caviar productionsWPPI 2016 photo walkWPPI 2016 Las Vegas NVWPPI 2016 photo walk with Parker Pfister



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