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Niagara Falls Engagement – Rahul and Jessica

Late one day in August, Rahul and Jessica went for a walk around Oakes Garden Theater, located directly across from Niagara Falls. When all of a sudden, he drops to one knee and asks her to marry him, in front of everyone and anyone. Luckily I  was there to capture this with my camera…

A little back story:

Actually Rahim had contacted me ahead of time letting me know he wanted to get engaged to Jessica in front of Niagara Falls, but he wasn’t interested in being right in the middle of everything, wanting to have his Niagara Falls engagement somewhere a little more private;  so he and I worked out a plan of where and when we would meet, chose a time when there may be a few less people around, we described each other and outfits.

When the time came, I was walking in the area and we acknowledged each other, and since he was in such a great spot I kind of nudged him into doing it there, which I’m very happy for as the backdrop of these pictures are amazing. You with think for most of it there was not a sole in the park (through that was not the case).  A successful Niagara Falls engagement – Rahul and Jessica- enjoy!!


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Niagara Falls Engagement Photography – Tony and Danica’s Surprise

Niagara Falls Engagement Photography – Tony and Danica’s Surprise – Tony had made contact with me about a month before his engagement, and after calling and letting me know it was a complete surprise and she wouldn’t know, I recommended we meet up at Oakes Garden Theater, across from Niagara Falls; I explained it would make a great backdrop and also wouldn’t give her any ideas because there were so many people around.

At the time of our meeting, Tony chose to bring Danica up on the platform that overlooks Niagara Falls and then before you know it, he’s on one knee and then I hear a little scream as everything begins. We went for a nice walk afterwards and caught some great pictures of them to commemorate their lifelong connection to Niagara Falls. Here are some pictures to share, enjoy!

Niagara Falls Engagement Photography - Tony and DanicaNiagara Falls engagement at Oakes Garden Theater, Niagara FallsNiagara Falls engagement at Oakes Garden TheaterNiagara Falls engagement Niagara Falls engagement photography Anthony Sobie

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